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I started building doors simply by demand as with many older buildings, there needed to be some way of creating significant pieces which would work for unique situations. The barn doors shown here had almost complety gone beyond repair. By the time they had been stripped of what didn't work, there was 15% left. The worst part is when the frame itself is allowed to decay, especially as in this case, the spines had fractured and had to be rebuilt in stages whilst still supporting the fine balancing pins in situ.



Barn door set before
12 foot Barn door set; fractured right spine, rotten planking and 85% structural failure. However, all original ironwork was saved, cleaned and re-used



Refurbished Barn Doors
Barn door set refurbished including much of the spine of each door and around 45% of the original frames: replanked with new inset door access.
Insert door

New ledged & braced access door to refurbished barn set.




Bicycle shed before
This door had previously been poorly repaired as just whatever was rotten at the time was replaced.



Bicycle store

Now transformed with re-dipped ironwork and pre-treated timber as it stands in a high weather area.


Stable doorway before
Stable doorway when found was just fit for the fire, although all of the ironwork was kept to use elsewhere on the project.


New stable door set
Hand-built framed, ledge & braced Stable doors. The stonework maybe next for someone to do.


Barn kitchen door before
Barn kitchen door as found prior to beginning the re-furbishment.
New Barn kitchen ledge & bracedoor
Re-furbished work but no latch to the outside - not required.
All kinds of carpentry can be undertaken but I hope you like these examples of my work on site. I cater for any situation and pieces can be made onsite, refurbishments in situ (for large doors of 12 feet or more) or in my workshop. Alternatively, if you want new doors or windows built by a workshop, I would be really happy to install anything at all. Thanks for looking.