This flash video features the clearing then tiling of the ground floor area of a Hereford house. As the job progresses it isn't the tiles which tend to be difficult to remove but the adhesive. Still it will all be removed soon enough and the floor levelled ready for the new surface of stone.

As you can see from this image of the rest of the kitchen/ diner area, there had been previous attempts to remove the adhesive. You really have to be able to hit it off reasonably quickly. The chips fly everywhere. There is also the entrance hall and utility room too.

As you will see this is the same room tiled but before being grouted. Travertine was the clients choice though unfortunately, with selecting a lower grade of stone there were many flaws within which heightened its unpredictable nature, as this can easily crumble, crack and chip so real care has to be taken to select the right kind of grout as well as sealer.