spacerStroud Cottage Restoration

Here are some pictures of a cottage at Stroud in the Cotswolds.


At my first inspection of the property to be worked on at this little cottage near Stroud. Here we have the back view of it taken from the verandha. Notice to the left, the Georgian window bringing light to the staircase, I discover the sill is practically gone and rotted away. Lower to that the back stable door sill is also facing a lot of problems as well as the right lower supporting wall to the insert window which has come away from the main door frame. There will have to be re-enforcing wire mesh here screwed to the wall to save it. I also noticed that most of the windows have been poorly painted in the past and as with the tall Georgian window, there was very little if any putty left even though these were only 15 years old or so. Poor paint quality or knowledge created much of the erosion I find and it didn't look as though any primer or undercoat was ever used to protect the wood here.

Also the shadows of rain lines washed down from between the paving to cope atop the walling means there is almost no grouting of them so re-pointing this would be one of the first tasks prior to the paint job.

The same part of the building from the opposite end of the structure. There are not that many faults though and our brief here is to make everything right. So on we go!



We made good all of the coping stones to the wall holding back the main hill behind and as well giving adequate covering of Sandtex to the walls, the Georgian elongated window gained a new sill as well being re-puttied throughout. I tightened up the flashing to the stack as well as renewed the end fixing of facia and stack for their oil heating system.

Cottage rear finished

3 dorma windows at the front need some help to stop the rain-filled skys from taking them apart. A fair amount of work needed to these as they had very little attention for some time. The porch is to have a haircut too so as the vegetation will get a boost next year. It will also help us to paint the boards underneath and see what little treasures it has in store for us. We found most of the windows to be poorly painted here and not surprisingly, from this westerly facing view near the top of the hill, it has seen more than its fair share of bad weather conditions. All the more necessary then to put on the right preparations and paints; which in this case included 2 coats of primer-sealer, 1 coat of undercoat and 2 coats of gloss to each and every surface.

Rear of the cottage unfortunately not really showing the extent of decay here as there are just so many plants...a veritable jungle!



All the plants have had a haircut along with the coping stones relayed and re-pointed up with lime putty mortar and local pit sand.

Back entranceway

Stroud.cot.3 These are 2 of the bedroom window frames we took out to work on and this was taken after the first seals and glues were applied, so after this they will be keyed up and then caulked, before 2 coats of primer-sealer and gloss before refitting.


This is the same window as the second on the left which had failed on the inside as well as the outside. Much of this was due to poor fitting by the builders who originally installed it badly as it happens, had never even closed properly in its life (feel sure they would have spotted that from the start and must have just walked away!). This was glued and screwed soon after this pic was taken and of course, put right.

Newly painted front door This is the newly painted front door, sorry I didn't have the 'before' shot of this. In fact apart from being poorly painted prior to our visit, there wasn't alot wrong with this door. We re-painted the step as well of course as it was beginning to crack up somewhat and become bleached to boot!

The attractive little porch is now even made more warming and vibrant by its new found glossy nature. Here are some of the windows and features of it which we simply highlighted during our work on.

Cottage Window



Quite a lot of work went into this Georgian copy window as the sill had gone completely and this picture was taken once it had a complete refit as being re-puttied and repainted.

Stroud 2nd level back door This back door was finished but the wall surrounding it could only have a limited attention given to it as it would have cost considerably more to have re-done much of the render surrounding this doorway. So that will have to wait another year or so. Needless to say we laid some new metal to cover possible rain ingress at the soffits and gave a new facia behind the boiler chimney.


The back window was not as badly corroded as the rest of the cottage, relatively speaking. Still was the worst I have seen either. It was simply a good job we got there when we did.

Rear window finished


Kitchen before the lintel over it was finished but after the window was made good.

Kitchen before

Kitchen finihedAfterward, the lintel is finished, repointed and the rest, as they, is history. This picture incidently, was taken just when the mortar had been finished and it hadn't had time to dry off yet. It has the same lime-putty mortar white/yellow finish you would expect with Cotswold mortars.

Shame we didn't have all the 'before' pictures for this, sorry. Here is a cotswold cottage at Moreton.