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Sewage Treatment Costs - Differences in the purchase and installation costings for "Different sewage treatment systems are explained below"


Typical Costs for a single 3 bed  house:

CessPit Installations

  • Tank Cost = £3500  (35,000 litres)
  • Installation Cost = £6250 
  • TOTAL COST = £9,750.00

Typical Maintenance Costs (Emptying only is required): These units are typically being phased out and we have understanding on how to help dwellings who restricted in using these to create alternative systems where poor soil condition has previously dissallowed using any other kid of treatment plant. We will work hard with the Envrionmental Agency to overcome the greatest obstacles.

  • Average family of 4 persons x 200 litres per day = 800 litres per day volume discharged.
  • Min. tank capacity = 18,000 litres Storage capacity = 18000 / 800 = 22.5 days
  • Therefore this tank will require emptying - 365 / 22.5 = 16.2 times per year
  • With an average emptying cost of around £180 per 4500 litres, a complete emptying of 18000 litres will cost £720, 16 times a year 
  • Average annual cost = £11,520 per year



Typical Costs for an avaerage 3 bedroom dwelling

Typical Maintenance Costs

  • Emptying once per year = £150 per year
  • Percentage cost of replacement soakaway (every 20-30 years average ) = £375
  • Average annual cost = £525.00

If a septic tank linked to a land drainage system are unable to treat the sewage sufficiently and bearing in mind these systems do degenerate with time, then one of the following sewage treatment systems must be used to remove a large percentage amount of the pollution contained in the grey wastewater and protect our environment. Some installations may be difficult to install due to other factors such as a high water table or poor percolation because of soil type.

In high water table conditions we are able to overcome most obstacles in both the excavation process and concreting in the unit to provide the right kind of anchoring required for the proper working of the unit's life.

It is also possible to lay a multi-layered soakaway system allowing for extended use over a longer period of time and would naturally increase the costing but would still be a one off event extending its life considerably @ X 2.



Typical Costs for a single 3 bedroomed dwelling

Scale of prices will vary depending upon the type of land and this would come up in the initial survey as whether we are dealing with a green or brown field site. Sometime it may be possible to augment an existing system using further water polishing treatment to increase the outlet water purity scale.

Typical Maintenance Costs



Typical Costs for a 3 bedroom single dwelling


  • Plant Cost  = £2200 to £2600
  • Installation cost = £1900 - £4500
  • Drainage system to Ditch @ £20.00/metre of drain run (min. 10 meters)
  • TOTAL COST  £4300 to £6900

Typical Maintenance Costs

  • Emptying once every 4 years = £32.00/year
  • Power consumption = £60 - 150.00
  • Maintenance Service = £75 - 150.00
  • Average annual cost = £212 - 332.00 per year


Typical Costs for a single 3 bedrrom dwelling start at


Typical Maintenance Costs

  • Emptying once every 4 years = £50.00/year
  • Power consumption = £0
  • Maintenance Service = £75.00
  • Average annual cost = £115.00 per year


REED BED sewage treatment Installation 

Please note: In relation to reed beds, we would not advocate the exclusive use of these to deal with purifying effluent as the UK has been subjected to extensive cold weather over recent years creating frozen groundwater leading to potentially disasterous effects on their viability. In my my opinion, these can only realistically be added as a water polishing system as with the use of cress and would not be considered exclusively for this operation. Fine to use if you are installing or already have some other kind of initial purifcation system.

Typical Installation Costs

  • Septic tank installed price £2250
  • Total supply and Installation Cost = £ 8500 (including power supply etc.)
  • Land drainage system (assuming 100 metres of drains) = £ 5200 (this could be a reduced cost if you are using an outfall pipe to a stream if the reed bed is used as a tertiary treatment after a sewage treatment plant)
  • TOTAL COST = £15,950 (Note - there may be a cost for the larger area of land required)

Typical Maintenance Costs

  • Emptying of tank once per year = £200 per year
  • Power consumption of the pumps = £310 per year
  • Maintenance = reed harvesting/composting/replanting (4 days work) = £480
  • TOTAL COST = £990 per year