Mick Avery


I have worked on buildings since 1971 and began by labouring and learning about all kinds of materials. In truth though, I began in stone masonry from age 8 at my parents house creating paths, laying out the garden structure with my father. My interest in stone has continued throughout my life.
I visited many local Forest of Dean quarries, Somerset, and the Cotswolds, gaining knowledge of stone craft, creating flagstones, quoins, lintels cills and steps as well as walling skills.
I worked in Spain Tiling & North America, on animal shelters, pole-barns, Mountain cabins, (Utah, Montana & Oregon) walkways etc.
Recently, I have been living and working onsite at a large Georgian Cotswold farm renovating much of the main 11 bedroom house, carrying out many duties from stonework, walling, carpentry; making my own doors onsite including a set of 12ft barn doors; painting and decorating. Included in this was refurbishing 24 seperate crittall windows and their associated frames.

I have installed a 20 capacity sewage treatment plant conforming to all new Environmental Agency regs, drew all associated plans and site survey work (I have great interest in this area).

Since then I have carried out 3 renovation projects at various cottages and houses and am constantly looking for further work.
Now I am concentrating around my home area of 4 counties.
I feel through years I have acquired knowledge of use of all kinds of different materials to help solve problems arising from different site conditions. Moving into carpentry became part of my work as those I had employed or worked with at jobsites began frustrating me in attitude or skills . I found the same situation with painting and decorating.
Originally, I was taught by 2 specific master build mentors, David Sherratt of Hereford and John Bartlam of Bristol; who taught me not just skills in walling, carpentry and masonry repair and re-construction, but also plaster work and pipe-laying.
Now I work with all materials and am not afraid to branch out into unexplored territory as this reflects on my current working website.

If you wish for something to be created then I can do that too from any material. I have experience in environmentally sound apparatus for efficient sewage processing and disposal; with methods of cleaning and polishing water to meet the most stringent environment pollution laws, finding new ways to tackle present problems with persistence and solvency, including updating existing systems to meet the stringent environmental requirements.