spacer About High Spec MAKE-OVERS!!

We bring our experience and expertise to your home by providing quick renovation solutions which don't cost you the earth but enable you to make a faster sale of your property so you can move on with your life!

Most people make fundamental mistakes when they try to sell their house and often this delays plans people make and watch their lives stall for lack of projection. It can be soul destroying when what you think will sell doesn't - and your left with a bill for your ideas which didn't work and more troubling, a house, flat or space which simply sits on the market with few buyers interested in your concepts for month after month.

This could be to do with any number of problem decisions you made, like wrong color palette, appearance, focus, environment- you might spend hundreds or even thousands on a new bathroom, but it doesn't sell the house. What you put in may not be realised if this is not something you are used to doing. So you see make-over shows and all looks so simple but for some reason it just doesn't work for you in your location.

So discover your market, who are you aiming at?

Unfortunately, many people simply don't think the same, so however much you feel blighted by your lack of sale, especially, if it didn't sell in 2 years never mind 2 months, if you really want to sell your building, think differently, not what you like as that has nuances of how you think, You are not selling you, instead you want to attract someone who can realise something of themselves, not your ideas of it!

Our success is we have created spaces which work and sold properties quickly (our last house sold in 5 mins and our client realised their own 'must have' factor. The right buyer to a place will normally be sold on the property you have within this 'acorn' moment!

Our secret is we understand what that sequence is and what will sell 'Your House, Flat or Space!'

So - Contact us for more info