spacerHouse Refurbishment

We have completely refurbished a number of houses over the years, mostly ones from circa 1680 - 1910. We work on building on the developments of small 2 bedroomed cottages through to large town houses & farm houses of more than 12 bedrooms, including land clearances, irrigation and sewage disposal, barn work, stables and outbuildings, whatever the need. The most recently finished work being on a large Cotswold farm house - a 2 1/2 year project.

So if you have a large valued dwelling needing some tender understanding; knowledge of what it really takes to either get it on the market for sale, or realise your dream dwelling for living in to its fullest potential, then all you have to do is make contact, no matter where it is located. We are currently in the Monmouth district but don't let that put you off! With communication we can all win. Excellent references are supplied.

Refurbishment comes in smaller forms as well; as in Devon with an individual room such as a kitchen - here is one we have just completed showing the before and after shots where the windows and kitchen units had already been installed but finer detail had not been finished. We hope by this you can see if you have one company in to install the kitchen doesn't mean our expertise cannot compliment these works already carried out as you can see here:

We try to emulate the clients tastes and viewpoint as with here in this Devonshire home. An apartment at Malvern. Here is another at Stroud.