spacerFarm Buildings Maintenance

Foaling shelter repair This pony shelter was in a field which was leased to a local farmer who grazed cattle on it. Unfortunately broke the back of the shelter as well as both corners sustaining quite considerable damage to the structure. 1 of the 'A' frames had come apart in the process but all is as good as new now.
Barn doors before
Refurbished Barn Doors Apart from the obvious problems in the picture to the left, all of the ironwork including the located pins were saved and reused on the refurbished doors. Both styles had disnitegrated to the point where they couldn't be opened safely. In their renovation these doors were stripped and taken back to their frames, 40% of which had to be removed including both spines as these had rotted almost completely - another year would have been too late. The access door was finished and so I replaced it with a new hand made one pictured below. So, all's well that ends well.

Insert door to barn