'A' Frame before work A frame repair I made a temporary repair to both sides of this 'A' frame as it had been only partially repaired before and was still moving along with the walls as they are responding to the pressures from the stone clad roof, and subsidence of the soil combined in different directions. Recent rains also added to the problem.
'A' Frame before 1 Cracked A frame repaired This was made to slow the collapse of this part of the roof structure; to hopefully get around fixing it in due course when time and finance allows. The building is still moving in different directions - we'll have to see who wins!
Foalingshelter   This foaling shelter was badly damaged by a small herd of cows. They had charged into the middle of it causing one of the inner corners and 'A' frame to fracture. We have an excellent timber yard in these parts at Batsford, so all is well.
Refurbished Barn Doors

Refurbished barn doors with new inset doorway. This pair are 12 feet high and 6 feet wide each. Their hinges are the original Victorian ones and polished up just as good as new.