spacerBelow Ground Pipeworks

Trenching to stream

From the beginning of this work to the end, including details of initial problem of collapse of existing septic tank and system failure through sewage back-up (drainfield failure) as well hydrocloric acid build up through poor building practice by installers leading to this presented failure of the system. Basically, the concrete surrounding the onion septic tank had corroded due to acid build up within the system along with drainfield failure.


The different steps taken including all excavations for the new sewage system install which was a complete treatment plant for 3 dwellings serving up to 20 people discharging clean water to a stream some 250 yards away. The work involved a complete survey of utilities as well of course, to make sure all live cables were mapped prior to commencement. All work was duely passed by building regs of course and compliance with the environmental agency and their quality controls. It includes the perc test hole, trenching, pipelaying and re-instatement work.