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I have been 'specialising' in all kinds of trades from Stonework, facing, re-surfacing, re-pointing. lime putty finishes, walling, flooring & patios, brick pavior areas as well as creating all kinds of architectural and hard structures for garden design, koi & Ornamental Pond Work, Sewage Treatment Plants, Septic Tanks, all kinds of in-ground works including pipelaying, manhole structures and field drainage. Flooring and steps in any material, 1st & 2nd fix timber work, door hanging & frames, scirting, dado rails, partitions, plasterboard, dry-lining, horse-hair Lime plastering/silver sand finishes, doorhanging (inc. firedoors) traditional window installs. I can also create unique doorways and entrances for a wide range of purposes, Barn doors (& refurbishment), garden walkways, decking, Stable doors to order ledged, framed & braced, decorating including specialist finishes for flooring, epoxy industrial surfaces for extreme conditions, (cellars etc) general maintenance and refurbishment of fine houses large and small from below the ground up to the chimney. Included in these are all manner of finishes, in paint, epoxy, varnishes etc.

My High Spec Works

So my feet are firmly rooted to the earth but I use the same skills and criteria for approaching any material or task I am asked to work with - having gained the knowledge of the materials in hand enabled growing understanding in how to fashion whatever I need to fit the needs of the moment. I have the vision of what it will look like when it is complete and logic enables me to complete the finished work.

Are you Selling a property?

We can turn any problem building into a saleable vision because we have done it for years!
If you want to put your valuable house on the market but aren't sure what will look best or have a limited budget we can help you resoLve your dilemmas, so prospective buyers aren't driven away by the appearance of your dwelling. Your idea might not be what actually sells your house as it may have become too personal to you; your tastes may not actually sell your house particularly when it comes to colour, co-ordination or even furnishings. Don't worry - it isn't personal but many people fall into this trap.

With communication we all win.
So if you tell me what you need to be acheived in my work with you, I can create it, then your thoughts can be truly realised. If you don't have ideas, I have them, so from the beginning problems can be overcome. I want you to experience a positive, focused result. We discuss your needs so solutions can be found in a genuine way; so its simple.

I apply the same reasoning to all aspecs of the work as I see what a situation needs to look like when it is finished before it's started. I use the same logic regardless of the material of your choice.

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