Renovation & Restoration

Stonework, masonry, re-pointing, walling, archways, pathways, courtyards, chimneys, patios, worktops, sills, Tiling walls and floors. Also laying brick paviors to driveways, Limestone flagstones, Sandstone, cobbles, steps and coping stones. Carpentry 1st & 2nd Fix; Loft conversions dorma's, doors & floors, barns, shelters & stables, fencing, gates & windows, covering structures. Pegged timber work, scribing, frame work, purlins, artist lodges and log cabins.
Specialist Refurbishment: Grade 2 listed & Period works
Sewage Treatment & Septic tank Installs, in-ground drainage, manholes, Land drains, Storm waterwork, Soakaways, Rainwater Retention, problem solving, Pumping Chambers, Water Polishing, insp. chambers etc. Koi & Ornamental Pondwork, Bottom Drains, Filtration, Units, pumps, uv installations, vortex particle separation units, Gravity-fed systems, rockeries, garden design.


Be it carpentry, from door hanging and creating unique doorways to specialist in-ground pipe works, sewage plant installation and septic tanks or updates, land drainage schemes, as well as stoneworks of chimneys, walls, window masonry, or anything on your dwelling. Koi & ornametal ponds and all other high end water in-filtration needs can be met with complete installations for 1000 - 50000 gallons.

Re-modelling structures and buildings to suit new purposes or perhaps you want to put them put back to just how they used to be in ages past when they were first created.

We have broad experience in all forms of period/listed building structures with methodical workmanship and don't cut corners for anyone. When you come to employ us, everything is just as it should be, otherwise you would go and find someone else, right!

3 things we don't do: Electrics, gas or ever rip people off! I am honest, reliable & thorough.

We are happy to take on house renovations of whatever age, be it Victorian, early Gorgian or of any century, and have experience in past ways of craftsmanship using original material mixes and specialist paints if necessary, as well as a completely sympathetic understanding.. Regardless of the type of building too, from tiny stone or brick cottages to 12 bed mansion estates of 2-70 acres, from postage stamp gardens of town houses and cottages to spinneys, walled gardens; or if you are just in need of ideas, I have worked on them from beginning to the end and can help you at any stage of development.

From the gates at the entranceway to farms, gardens, cottages or grand houses formed in any material - to en-situ stable blocks or foaling sheds, barns for any use, artist studios or meditational spaces, loft conversions, dormas. Farm gateways, public access styles & gateways, fencing, and just about anything you can think of to repair, renovate or update! From crisis flood damage to the simplest thing like changing fence panels. Even if you have difficult environments to deal with - like industrial epoxy flooring for wine sellars of public houses, private houses or hotels.

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